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Giclee Print:

Edition Type          Price    Image Size   Edition Size

Regular Edition   400.00     17 x 27            100

Artist Proof          450.00     17 x 27              10

Publisher Proof   450.00     17 x 27              10

Original Acrylic Painting:    30 x 48      18,000.00

Original painting on sale $10,800.00 for a limited time

Pennsy Line-up at JFK 

Artist: Larry Fisher

This 17 x 27 Giclee Print was produced directly from the original acrylic painting to the finest standards available today, on acid-free paper expressly made for fine art reproduction. The final work of the edition was approved by the artist for color accuracy, depth and definition.


Fascinated with history, Larry’s work captures and freezes moments in times from the past in loving detail. Trains still play a big part in his work, although other modes of transportation are often featured in his scenes. Larry enjoys painting vintage automobiles, streetcars, motorcycles, steamships, airplanes and other types of transportation. A complete write-up describing the painting in full detail available by request.

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