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Giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”) is the French word meaning to squirt, or spray from an inkjet and is used to differentiate a higher quality of reproduction of images which provides a longer display life.

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The process of producing our limited edition Giclée starts from the original painting where it is digitally scanned, color corrected and manipulated to match the color tones of the original painting. A printer is then set to spray approximately 4 million droplets of ink per second onto the art canvas, or art paper depending on the desired application for the final art reproduction. Unlike the lithograph printing process, the Giclée process sprays ink onto the surface rather than direct contact to the surface.  


The canvas or paper prints are produced individually where the printing process takes about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size of image being reproduced. The final results are a near perfect reproduction of the original painting as the same size, or reproduced in different sizes. A Giclée can fool even the most discriminating art collector with its superior quality. The resale of a Giclée will gain value as the limited edition art piece is sold out by the art publisher and will also depend on the current condition of the Giclée at time of sale.


American made acid-free cotton rag paper and water resistant pigment inks are used in producing these prints. As with all art works, for maximum longevity frame to archival standards and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

The final process of the Giclée printing is approved by the artist for color accuracy, depth and definition. All reproduction materials are destroyed to create a true Giclée Limited Edition.

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