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Picture of a billboard in a field beside a highway promoting the city of Harvey as the home of Larry Fisher

The Giclée Prints and Lithograph Prints listed below are to be sold to raise money for the cost of the 12' high X 16' wide reflective aluminum highway signs dedicated to ‘Artist Larry Fisher’ who was born and raised in Harvey, North Dakota. The signs will be placed at each end of Harvey on Highway 52 West and Highway 52 East. This road is the main highway going through Harvey.  

Publisher Proofs are indicated by P/P beside the number and all the remaining prints are Artist Proofs indicated as A/P.  

The ones indicated as being SOLD are possibility available as an Artist Proof (A/P) or as a Publisher Proof (P/P) with a different number.


Please note: the retail prices are shown with the prints listed below, they are discounted at 50% off the retail price list effective March 2024 exclusively with this print proposal. "Extra Discounts" may apply to the prints below at a "Special Price" once you decide on which prints you are interested in purchasing. 

Please note: the print list will be updated on a weekly basics, or sooner.

Please call us on our toll free number: 1-888-365-5467 or email us if you should have any questions concerning the above mentioned.




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